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Marketing – Walking the Walk

Here’s my simple theory why so many companies fail at marketing over and over again – regardless of the money they spend or do not spend:

Real marketing is highly invasive, and most companies don’t have the guts to take a really good look under the covers as a first step. Can you handle the truth? Really?

It’s about doing the tough things it takes to generate more new business and profits – things that touch not only the “what,” “how,” “when” and “where” of promotional and ad stuff but also your products and services themselves, including what they are and how they are packaged, priced and sold. In other words, most of your business.  A lot of biz folks are pretty smooth at talking the talk, but very few are willing  to walk the walk.

Are you? Willing to walk the walk?

Let’s see. Are you willing to pay me $25,000 upfront as an initial ante to revamp or toss out your lousy marketing stuff? Get some things moving in the right direction that will make your business a lot more money? Instead of just talk the talk?

Here’s the deal. You’ll get approximately one month of work (about 160 hours). Not just strategy, which is important, but new messaging and a few concrete things to get chopping on. I can continue to help implement at that point (and likely with other experts I suggest that you would approve) – on a retainer basis. And we take it from there. Or I exit stage left if you want. Regardless, it will be the best $25K you’ve ever spent.

Why me -- and Why You? 

I don’t think in anyone’s box. Over two decades of marketing experience and 35 years of business experience, I’ve realized there is no box. It’s imaginary. We’ll cut through the corporate politics and yak in a hurry and do it my way, not your way. Your way hasn´t worked. I don’t care if I’m being politically correct or not. I don’t care if you like me or not. I care about getting you going on a marketing program that works for you.

Can you handle the truth? Most cannot. They prefer the easy way. But maybe you’re an exception.

If you need an hour in-person meeting to make up your mind, that will cost you $1000 in cash on arrival (and any expenses paid up front). 

Call or text me, Tom Ranseen, at 615-473-1404. BTW, I’m only taking 2 clients in 2015. 




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October 8,  2014

Ranseen Marketing has evolved. I provide highly exclusive, "no-box" marketing services to companies seriously interested in walking the marketing walk and gaining business. Call me for a one-hour initial consultation ($1000) to see if it is worth my time and yours to get serious about your marketing. The initial ante is a minimum of $25,000 for a month of work. Contact Tom Ranseen by phone or text at 615-473-1404. 

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